Lottie Guntank is a major creative type! Previously working in theatre and the Animation industry, she currently works as an independent designer/business owner and a voice over artist in animation. Lottie also maintains a social media personality, her pages are places of positivity, acceptance and of course; magic!

Fashion Design

2016 - Present


Completely self taught, Lottie Guntank's passion lies in fashion design for children. She has been labeled as a "Real life Fairy Godmother" providing unique one of a kind designs for each child, incorporating upcycled fabrics. 

Check out her latest works here



Voice Over Artist

​2017 - Present


New to the voice over game, Lottie has worked with notable studios such as Flying Bark Productions and provided scratch work for ABC and BBC. Previously a professional lead animator, she is an extremely passionate VO artist whether supplying work for televised animation or internet cartoons.

Check out her voice demo here



Social Media Presence

​2016 - Present


Social Media plays a large role in Littleguntank, and Lottie Guntank has built her following from the ground up. Beyond sharing her own work, she also represents many other small businesses and designers as a model/spokesperson.

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